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The third festival and exhibition

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The Third Festival and Exhibition on the Capabilities of National Water and Wastewater Industry in the field of Operation and Maintenance will be held in the Aftab City International Exhibition Center during May 2018 by the National Water and Wastewater Engineering Company.
Mr. Shahin Pakrouh, the Deputy of Supervision of Water & Wastewater Operation of the NWWEC, announced that we hope exchanging the international experiences in different sectors to provide the ground for continuously providing proper services and promoting the utilization of water and wastewater equipment and facilities while facing further water stress.

Explaining the main aspects of the festival and exhibition, Pakrouh said: “crisis management, water demand and consumption management, water and sewage quality, water and wastewater installations, smart management of water structures and distribution networks, financing and physical asset management are considered as the main pivots in the field of water and wastewater management in Iran, and hence are selected as the themes of the 3rd Iran’s International Water & Wastewater Operation and Maintenance Fair.”

Applied experiences, innovations, inventions, advanced equipment and the other special plans and projects and as well valuable books were submitted to the festival secretary in line with the above mentioned themes in order to be evaluated. Awards and prizes will be granted to the best works.

Pakrouh added in close cooperation with the Regional Centre on Urban Water Management – Tehran (under the auspices of UNESCO), several technical workshops and panels are organized in order to raise awareness and capabilities of managers and experts in the field of water and wastewater industry and the experienced international and domestic lecturers will contribute to enhance the technical knowledge and capacity building of the participants.

Pakrouh continued: “the exhibition is also designed to reflect the operational and maintenance capabilities of the water and wastewater industry in this festival. Bringing together the urban and rural water and wastewater authorities along with international private companies will also turn the exhibition into a platform for sharing experience and technology.”

Pakrouh stated: “We intend to organize bilateral meetings between foreign companies and Iranian parties in order to achieve a wide range of partnerships. Signing MOU with the foreign countries and famous companies will be one of the achievements of the festival and the exhibition for the water and wastewater industry which assist the country in various sections including advances in technology and financing.”

At the end, he announced to all active Iranian companies to participate in this festival and exhibition so that we can figure out the possible crises of drinking water supply in the country.
It is worth mentioning that enthusiasts who intend to participate in the festival and exhibition can visit the following website:

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